Motorcycle Headlight Modulator Law

Motorcycle Headlight Modulator Law

Our headlight modulator does not have a feature allowing you to operate the horn or some other button to initiate the modulator for a few seconds, or a burst, because this feature is not legal. especially at night. We don't offer different modulations rates, 240 cycles per minute is what's legal.
California has long had law and DMV regulations allowing modulators for motorcycles. Now, with the Federal law and details on headlight modulators, all States must conform to the Federal Law permitting motorcycles to have headlight modulators.
I gently explained to the officer that it is a headlight modulator, and it is allowed by Federal law.. because he checked with his station. and the office there, who has been working with motorcycles for 20 years, has never heard of such a thing.
What are motorcycle headlight modulators? Do I need them? Where can I purchase them? How much do they cost?
I'm a motorcycle instructor (for MSF, not police, and only part-time), and. your opinions about the use of Headlight modulators on motorcycles.
Dear Sirs, I hope I have found the right department, but can you advise whether the use of Motorcycle Headlight Modulators is legal in the UK.

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