Motorcycle Headlight Modulator Canada

Motorcycle Headlight Modulator Canada

Purchase the Show Chrome (Big Bike Parts) Headlight Modulator Cruisers – KE-P115W-S at Canada's Motorcycle. Free shipping and Easy returns.
Plug & Playâ„¢ Headlight Module. Price: $74.95. Image 1. Larger / More Photos. * Choose a Harness Adapter (Required): .
Signal Dynamics Corporation Plug and Play Headlight Modulator 01015 in Turn Signal. Krator PW-13001 Lamp (Brake Module Flasher CAR Truck Motorcycle .
Our headlight modulator does not have a feature allowing you to operate the horn or some. This page provides the U.S. and Canada statute code numbers.
For your own safety, when riding a motorcycle, make sure you can be seen and. Be even more visible by adding a variable intensity headlight modulator to the. Transport Canada standards for this type of equipment specify the following:.

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