Toddler Dirt Bike Racing

Toddler Dirt Bike Racing

Revin and Talin Easley of RTmotox had a fun ride day at Lake Elsinore Motocross track in Lake Elsinore Ca.
With Krew's first kids motocross dirt bike race one week away, we hit the track at Rocky Mountain Raceway.
. (kart driver) race round the track like pros. One day we'll see them racing in the MotoGp and Formula 1.
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To be good racing a dirt bike it takes a ton of practice! So the day after racing, Revin, Talin and friend.
Ethan is racing in Renner, SD at Saddleback. This is his first race here this year, and the last race of the.
Kids Channel's motocross bike is off to the car wash. Teach children all about transportation with these.
AMA Arenacross Dirt Bike racing is what Revin and Talin focus on racing every year. Now that they qualified.

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